CMS congratulates flute student Sabrina Collings on her recent graduation from Parkland High School.  Sabrina started playing flute in 4th grade because she thought it would be fun.  She studied with Elaine Martin here at CMS for six years and was also a member of our Silver Winds Flute Ensemble.  At Parkland, she was a member of the “Trojan” Marching Band and loved performing at football games during halftime.  One of her favorite band memories was experiencing the energy of 100 tired high schoolers screaming “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen at 11 pm on the band bus.  She enjoys listening to alternative music and groups such as The Neighbourhood.

She prefers performing contemporary pieces by recent composers. For her final CMS performance, Sabrina played “Sunswept” by A. Albert (published in 2006), accompanied by Dr. Tzu-Hwa Ho on piano, in our “Brunch in a Bag” Program on April 25, 2021.  Watch her performance here.

Sabrina will be continuing her education at West Chester University, majoring in criminal justice, with plans to participate in WCU’s “Incomparable” Golden Rams Marching Band.  Her family thanks everyone at CMS for providing exceptional musical opportunities to students and thanks Elaine for being such a wonderful teacher.  We wish Sabrina great success in her future endeavors!