In September 2020, the CMS Strategic Direction Task Force reconvened to develop a recommendation to the Board of Directors on defined strategic objectives for Community Music School, which, in turn, will determine priorities and funding needs for the upcoming calendar year(s).  The Task Force, led by Board Member Mary Hahn, consisted of CMS board members and representatives from the community, faculty, and staff.  The group of 11 met four times between September 2020 and January 2021.  They conducted an audit of the current objectives, reviewed survey feedback from students and faculty, and completed a SWOT/TOWS analysis.  The Task Force then used this analytical data to craft the following five new strategic objectives, which were approved at the CMS Board of Directors meeting on January 11, 2021:

  1. Visibility:  CMS will increase its recognition and value in the community through promotion of its rich history, high quality offerings, talented faculty, and unique facility.
  2. Diversity:  CMS will embody the community it serves through more inclusive representation across its board, faculty, and staff, as well as through building relationships with diverse organizations.
  3. Collaboration:  CMS will partner with key collaborators to further opportunities for growth and awareness within the community.
  4. Programming:  CMS will expand programs that offer exceptional opportunities to reach a broader base of new and existing students, with continued evaluation of music school accreditation requirements.
  5. Sustainability:  CMS will assess its revenue resources and expense structure to fulfill its mission, with focused efforts around post-COVID viability and increasing its donor base. 

We thank the Task Force members for their work in helping shape the future of CMS!