We thank all our students and faculty who performed in our 2023 Monster Concert! This may have been our largest Monster Concert ever, with 63 students performing! It was wonderful to hear so many performances and to see all the amazing costumes.

We congratulate the winners of our costume contest: 3rd Place: Yaguez D. as “The Skeleton,” 2nd Place: Abby D. as “The Dragon,” and 1st Place: Valentino M. as “The Astronaut”. We thank our CMS board members who served as judges for the contest: Greg Kuhn, Mark Stein, and Michael Yeager.

A big CMS shout out to Eshani D., piano student of Kelly Hooper, for sharing her adorably spooky “I HEART CMS” artwork.

We congratulate the following students on their performances in the 2023 Monster Concert:

Musa A., piano
Beckham A., piano
Anika A., piano
Elena B., piano
Vivienne B., piano
Matthew B., piano
Siddharth C., violin
Eshani D., piano
Naina D., classical guitar
Abby D., violin
Kylie F., voice
Colette F., violin
Lauren F., piano
Saanvi G., piano
Franco G., piano
Maanya G., voice
Maanya G., viola
Slava H., piano
Andrew H., piano
Nora H., piano
Naomi H., piano
Peter K., violin
Annette K., violin
Rene K., violin
Anaaya K., piano
Adrienne K., ukulele/vocals
Timothy L., vocals
Ian L., piano
Jessica L., piano
Emily M., piano
Ceiran M., piano
Alonzo M., drums
Valentino M., piano
Yocely M., voice
Adrianna M., voice
Arielis M., voice
Yoskar M., electric guitar
Advaith P., piano
Heera R., piano
Sebastian S., piano
Diya S., piano
Solomon T., piano
Samuel T., piano
Sabrina T., piano
Maylin V., piano
Brian V., piano
Michael W., piano
Yenaliz W., piano
Vanessa W., piano

Kids Chorus, directed by Kate Uhler
Avanti N., Collins C., Layla B., Yaguez D.,
Guarionex D., Ariana I., Sophia L., Jenison M.

House Band, directed by Joe Wagner
Andrew C., guitar/keyboard; Justin G., guitar;
Tiffany E. L., drums/percussion; Vasili V., drums/percussion

Modern Band, directed by Kate Uhler
Jazmin T., bass; Jayden T., drums; Jenison M., vocals;
Kate Uhler, piano/guitar/vocals

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