We thank all our students and faculty who performed in our annual Monster Concert on Sunday, October 30, 2022! 

2022 Monster Concert Collage

This was our first in-person recital in our building since the pandemic began in February 2020.  It was wonderful to hear over 50 students perform in person again and to see all the amazing costumes.  We congratulate the winners of our costume contest:  3rd Place:  Jonathan Do as “Super Mario,” 2nd Place:  Ezra Wilson “Zombie,” and 1st Place:  Guarionex Davies as “The Astronaut”.  We thank our CMS board members who served as judges of the contest:  Mark Stein (Secretary), Jim Warfel (Vice President ), and Michael Yeager (President).  

We thank our many students who performed:  

  • CMS Kids Choir
  • Alexis Gabay-Ratner, voice
  • Anaaya Kumar, piano
  • Anika Anepu, piano
  • Annette Kim, violin & Kelly Hooper, piano
  • Benjamin Koch-Borda, piano
  • Ceiran Magee, piano
  • Daniel Soloviev, piano
  • Diya Soman, piano
  • Elena Bernini, piano
  • Eloise Barnett, ukulele
  • Emily Ma, piano
  • Ezra Wilson, piano
  • Gabriel Unangst, piano
  • Haadi Matin, piano
  • Ian Lindmark, piano
  • Jessica Lindmark, piano
  • John Feliz, piano
  • Jonathan Do, piano
  • Kimura Dixon, piano
  • Logan Razar, ukulele/voice
  • Madeleine Barnett, piano
  • Matthew Brandle, piano
  • Michael Williams, piano
  • Musa Akhtar, piano
  • Naomi Herrera, piano & Eloise Asuncion, voice
  • Nelle Magro, piano
  • Noor Matin, piano
  • Rene Kim, violin & Kelly Hooper, piano
  • Samuel Truong, piano
  • Sebastian Santiago, piano
  • Siddharth Chitta, violin & Kelly Hooper, piano
  • Valentino Marte, piano
  • Vivienne Bolden, piano
  • Yenaliz Williams, piano
  • Zara Flosdorf, piano
  • Zoey Gomes, piano

Special thanks to faculty members Kate Uhler, Kelly Hooper, and Joe Wagner.

J. S. Bach’s Tocatta in D Minor, performed by Ceiran Magee at the 2022 Monster Concert.

To mark this spooky day, please enjoy J. S. Bach’s Tocatta in D Minor, performed by Ceiran Magee at the 2022 Monster Concert.  Ceiran is a piano student of Kelly Hooper, a violin student of Carolyn Gaul, and a saxophone student of Seval Kanik. He is also our 2022-23 Amaranth Scholar.