We congratulate all our students and their teachers who prepared for and participated in our Certificate of Musical Achievement in Piano Program.  This is a wonderful opportunity for CMS students to receive written comments on their performances and to note their progress from year to year.  We also thank our Program Coordinator and piano teacher Kelly Hooper and former CMS piano teacher Dr. Annie Tindall-Gibson who served as adjudicators.  

In recognition of our students’ dedication to piano studies this year, we will present certificates at the “Year-End” Recital on June 2.  If your student is not signed up to perform in the “Year-End” Recital, the certificate was mailed to your home address or will be presented at the student’s next lesson.   Participants should watch for an email later this week with a copy of their evaluation forms.

We congratulate all of this year’s certificate recipients listed below.  Students with 🎶, received an “Honors” designation for their respective level.  Congratulations!

Level 1

Advaith Prathapa 🎶

Franco Gian Antonio Teotico 🎶

Level 3

Anaaya Kumar

Connor Felix

Joshua Ruiz

Level 4

Ethan Lin

Ian Lindmark 🎶

Jessica Lindmark

Mira Dey

Samuel Jones 🎶

Level 5

Diya Soman

Elena Bernini 🎶

Level 6

Alexander Bernini

Elsia Schmitt 🎶

Jacob Bernini 🎶

Naomi Herrera