The Community Music School Certificate of Musical Achievement Program in Piano allows students of all levels to demonstrate their yearly progress and set goals by performing two pieces (3-15 minutes) & technical studies for a panel of judges, who provided encouraging comments about their pieces & technique. It is designed to gauge student progress & provide a goal for future years (levels 1-12).

This year’s judges were Kelly Hooper, Program Coordinator & Piano Faculty at CMS, and Dr. Annie Tindall-Gibson, former Piano Faculty at CMS, Artist-Lecturer at Moravian University, and Director of Music at Allegheny Evangelical Lutheran Church.  The students who performed in the “Year-End” Recital on Sunday, June 4, 2023, received their certificates at the conclusion of the recital (pictured above are Naomi Herrera, Diya Soman, and Ceiran Magee).

We congratulate all the students who earned their certificates in the 2023 Piano Achievement Evaluations:

Connor Felix

Level 1
Anferny Vizcaino*
Ethan Lin

Level 2
Janelle Do*
Emmanuel Trotter*
Joshua Ruiz*

Level 3
Josiah Ruiz*
Sebastian Perdomo*
Jessica Lindmark
Ian Lindmark

Level 4
Diya Soman*
Matthew Brandle*
Elena Bernini*

Level 5
Alexander Bernini*
Naomi Herrera

Level 7
Ceiran Magee

*with honors

Learn more about the Certificate of Achievement in Piano Program.