Thursday, August 10, 2023

1:30 – 3:00 PM

Musikfest’s Plaza Tropical

Bethlehem, PA (under the bridge)

WOW!  Musikfest 2023 is now one for the books!  Musikfest is always the highlight of our summer here at CMS, and this year did not disappoint. Despite the rain and the humidity, 29 of our students had amazing performances on the Plaza Tropical stage on Thursday, August 10.  This year, Musikfest celebrated 40 years as the nation’s largest non-gated free music festival, and we are thrilled that so many of our students had the opportunity to perform in this special community venue. 

Check out video highlights of our Musikfest 2023 performance here!  Our full 90-minute lineup included selections on piano, guitar, violin, ukulele, and voice, plus an energetic performance by our Modern Band, led by Kate Uhler, and a premier performance by our House Band, led by Joe Wagner. House Band members include Vasili V., drums/percussion; Tiffany L., drums/percussion; Keven E., bass/keyboard; and Andrew C..  This group of experienced students, ages 10 to 18, premiered a four-song set of all-original instrumental music (watch here). 

The enthusiastic audience also enjoyed the premiere of two solo works by students Elena B., piano, with “Sassy Swing” (watch here), and Maanya G., voice/ukulele, with “Days” (watch here).  For several students,  Musikfest was their very first CMS performance, and we congratulate them on this exciting milestone! 

Performance Highlights Musikfest 2023

Full Performance Courtesy of Service Electric TV2

We congratulate the following students who performed at Musikfest 2023:

Abby D., violin
Adrienne K., ukulele/voice
Alex B., piano
Alexis G., voice
Auden W., guitar/voice
Elena B., piano
Emmanuel T., piano
Ethan L., Piano
Eva T., guitar/voice
Ezra W., piano
Jacob B. piano
Janelle D., piano
Joel C., guitar
Jonathan D., piano
Joshua T., piano/voice
Logan R., ukulele/voice
Maanya G., voice/ukulele
Sebastian S., piano
Sonia K., guitar/voice
Timothy L., guitar

CMS Modern Band, directed by Kate Uhler:  Sophia H., keyboard; Jenison M., vocals/guitar;
Jazmin T., bass; Jayden T., drums; Luis O., drums

CMS House Band, directed by Joe Wagner: Vasili V., drums/percussion; Tiffany L., drums/percussion;
Keven E., bass/keyboard; Andrew C., guitar

We also thank our teachers who prepared their students so well for these special performances: Abigail Zuckert, piano, voice, ukulele; Dr. David Saturen, piano; Griffin Woodard, piano, clarinet, bass clarinet; Joe Wagner, guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, composition, recording, House Band; Julia K. Walsh, voice; Kate Uhler, clarinet, violin, viola, Modern Band, Kids Choir; Kelly Hooper, piano, Program Coordinator; Linda Kistler, violin.