Saturday, September 17, 2022, was a beautiful day of art and music in West Park! We thank all our student and faculty performers who performed at West Park Civic Association’s 47th Annual Art in the Park event:

Alexis Gabay-Ratner, voice
Andrew Colon-Rodriguez, guitar
Ceiran Magee, piano
Danny Schiffert, saxophone
David Reyes Jr., guitar
Isaac Sharma, flute
Kimura Dixon, piano
Rachelle Grigoli, violin
Rene Kim, violin
Sabrina Troung, piano
Samuel Troung, piano

Anthony Sharp, piano/vocals
Elaine Martin, flute
Joe Wagner, guitar
Kelly Hooper, piano/vocals

We also thank our dedicated volunteers who helped with our “Musical Instrument Petting Zoo” and information booth during the event: Viviana Herrera, Michael Yeager, Ellen Roberts, Ceiran Magee, Andrew Colon Rodriguez, Carmen Flosdorf, Kaia Flosdorf, and Zara Flosdorf.

We also thank Andrew Colon-Rodriguez for acting as our assistant stage manager!

Check out more photos from Art in the Park here!