Virtual Recital Recording Guidelines

During the COVID pandemic, CMS is excited to offer our students a safe way to perform.  Check the events calendar for upcoming virtual performance opportunities and deadlines.  These virtual recitals are pre-recorded and then premiered with a live watch party on our YouTube channel.  Students of all ages and levels are encouraged to participate after discussing these performance opportunities with their teachers.

The teacher must review the student’s video and submit the Google Form before the deadline.  Limit submissions to two short pieces for beginning students (under 2 minutes each), or one longer piece for intermediate and advanced students (not to exceed 5 minutes).

Upcoming Virtual Recitals

Spring Recital – April 11, 2021

Deadline Wed, March 31   FORM   |   FOLDER

Year-End Recital – June 6 , 2021

Deadline Friday, May 28    FORM    |    FOLDER

How to record your performance video

Recital Video Recording Infographic

PROPER ATTIRE  Follow the CMS Code of Conduct for Recitals and Performances as outlined in the Student Policies and Procedures. Students should dress appropriately for a performance.  Please do not wear jeans, denim, shorts, or tank tops.

RESOLUTION A resolution of at least 1280×720 in .mov or .mp4 format is preferred. Please keep video file sizes reasonable (e.g. under 500 MB for a 3-minute piece).

AUDIO  Audio-only files may also be submitted, but video is preferred.  If using a recorded backing track, make sure the volume of the track is appropriate for the volume of your instrument.

STABILIZE If recording on a cell phone or tablet, stabilize the device on a tripod or other solid object to minimize camera shake.

LANDSCAPE  Record your video in landscape (horizontal) format.  If you are not able to record in landscape format, please ensure that your video is uploaded in a high enough resolution to accommodate for cropping to fit 1280 × 720.

FRAMING  Frame yourself with enough space at the bottom of the screen so the caption does not cover your hands (especially for piano students). See example.

LIGHT  Your primary light source should be in front of you. Be sure there is not a bright window or other bright light source directly behind you.

CLUTTER  Clear away any household clutter in the background.

INTRODUCTION  Before beginning your performance, acknowledge the camera, and introduce yourself and your piece(s).  Be sure to speak slowly, loudly, and clearly.  At the end of the recording, you are welcome to acknowledge the camera with a final bow or wave.  The volume of your introduction should be the same as the volume of your performance.

TRANSITIONS  Leave at least 3 seconds before and after the piece to allow for editing smooth transitions.

QUALITY  We may edit or omit any files with poor video or audio quality, or we will request that you submit a new recording. Videos cannot be re-recorded and re-submitted after the deadline.

FILE NAME  Name the file with the student’s name (First Name, Last Name) and title of the piece. If submitting two beginner-level pieces, submit each piece as a separate video, named appropriately.

UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO  Before the deadline, upload your file(s) to the appropriate Google Drive folder above.  If uploading from desktop, drag and drop the file into the folder or use the “+ NEW” button in the top left of the screen.  If uploading directly from your mobile device, you must download the Google Drive app, and then use the “+” in the lower right to upload the file. 

TEACHER REVIEW & APPROVAL  After uploading your video, on desktop, right click the uploaded file and either “Share” or “Get Link” to email the link to your teacher for review and approval.  On mobile, access the share options by clicking on the three dots next to the file name.  No videos will be included in the recital without teacher approval.

TEACHER SUBMISSION  Once your teacher reviews and approves your performance, the teacher will move the files to the “Approved” Google Drive folder.  Only approved videos will be included in the final recital.  Be sure to allow your teacher enough time to review and approve your video before the deadline.  If your teacher requires you to re-record your performance, the new video must be recorded and approved before the deadline.  No videos will be accepted after the deadline.

We look forward to your performance!