From Our Students & Parents
 "Colette had her first virtual lesson tonight and she LOVED it!! As I have shared before, she adores Dr. Saturen :-) Fingers are crossed and thank you again for working so hard to keep CMS going during this scary time!!”   ~The Ferriere Family
 “Lizzy's really come out of her shell so much with your help. You are all fabulous people. So glad she found her tribe. :-) ... She is so thrilled to still have her (online) lesson with Julia every week. Thank you so much to all of you wonderful, selfless people at CMS."   ~The Albors Family
 "I want to thank you a million times for the opportunity to be able to provide a real piano for Josiah and Samantha, all made possible by CMS. I appreciate it so, so much, it’s almost surreal to see a baby grand in our home! Thank you and forever grateful."   ~The Sanchez Family
 "Lincoln loves trying new instruments at Kindermusik!"  ~ The Haddad Family
 My grandson has been taking lessons for several years. I am proud and very happy with the progress he has made. The school shares the joy and compassion of music. Everyone is kind and helpful. One of the best connections we made.”   ~The Rizzuto & Magee Families