CMS Financial Aid for Music Lessons 

The mission of Community Music School is to successfully provide the inspiration and opportunity for anyone in our diverse community to achieve excellence in music education and appreciate the transformative power of music.Financial aid is available to those who qualify, based on family need. In addition, CMS awards a limited number of merit-based scholarships to selected students.

Financial Aid Policies

• Financial aid is available only for students 18 years and under. In keeping with Federal
Assistance guidelines, the percentage of tuition assistance awarded to each family is based
on income and the number of dependents in the household. Typically, CMS is able to fund no
more than half of the cost of music lessons for those families with the greatest need.
• Available funds are determined at the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1) and are distributed
on a sliding scale. Financial aid awards are valid only for the current fiscal year and students
must re-apply by August 1 each year. During the school year, financial aid is approved on a
rolling basis as applications are received, until our available funds are depleted.
• Financial aid is limited to 30-minute private lessons and group classes. Only students who
have studied at CMS for at least one year, have shown exceptional progress, and attended all
scheduled lessons may apply for financial aid for 45 or 60-minute private lessons or to study
an additional instrument.
• In order to maintain their financial aid award, students are required to attend all lessons (with
the exception of excused absence due to illness) and must show satisfactory progress in
technical exercises and repertoire with positive evaluations by the teacher.
• CMS reserves the right to discontinue financial aid for any student at any time due to lack of
interest, repeated absences, behavior problems, tardiness, or delinquency in tuition payments.
After more than one unexcused absence, financial aid will be suspended. Full tuition will be
charged for the unexcused absence and must be paid before lessons can resume.
• Financial aid does not include the initial interview lesson, the annual registration fee,
instrument rental/purchase, or instructional book purchases.
• There are no additional discounts for students receiving financial aid. If the student qualifies
for a merit-based scholarship, financial aid will be adjusted accordingly.
• Financial aid funding is limited. If your financial situation improves, we ask that you inform the
office as soon as possible in writing so that we may help another deserving student.

How to Apply 

To apply for financial aid, parents or legal guardians must provide the following documents.  
The form must be completed in full and accompanied by ALL documents before it will be reviewed:
  • Completed Financial Aid Application for the current school year
Financial Aid Application
Solicitud de ayuda financiera
  • Federal Tax Return (IRS Form 1040) Pages 1-2 required.
    • Self-Employed or Business Owners: Email a PDF of your entire return to Please include Schedule C & any other schedules/worksheets.
    • AND/OR provide documentation of all alternative and additional income:
    • SSI,Unemployment, Child Support, etc
  • Previous 2 months pay stubs for all wage earners in the family
  • Free or reduced school lunch letter* or Section 8 voucher
    • * If applicable, not needed for students enrolled in the Allentown School District.
  • Detailed letter explaining your current financial situation, challenges, recent changes to your income, and any other details not explained on this application.
    Financial Aid Award Agreement
    Acuerdo de concesión de ayuda financiera