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Current Fiscal Year July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018
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Julius & Katheryn Hommer Foundation 
The Verna O. Canova Foundation
$5,000 +
Community Partnership Grant
from the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation
The Dexter F. & Dorothy H. Baker Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Johnson 
Mr. & Mrs. Vance Powers
$2,500 +
Mrs. Jack Warsaw
$1,000 +
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fenstermacher
Ms. Linda Kay Gardner
Ms. Sandra Goldstein 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hahn
Mr. James Lampe
Lehigh Valley Jewish Foundation 
Mrs. Roberta Marcus
Ms. Kathleen Matthews
Ms. Kayla E. Mjaatvedt
Ms. Julie Macomb, Esq.
Ms. Judith Roberts
Univest Bank
Dr. & Mrs. James Warfel
$500 +
Daniel-Holben Designated Fund
Dr. & Mrs. Howard E. Hudson
Dr. David Livert
Dr. & Mrs. J. Robert Lovett
Mr. & Mrs. David Richie
Ms. Sharon Albert & Dr. Mark Stein
Dr. & Mrs. Philippe Zeltzman 
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Arbor Insurance Group Foundation Fund 
Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Auvil
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Black
Mr. Michael Carr & Ms. Pat McPeake
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Dex
Mr. William Diehl
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Eckhart
Eisenhauer Nissan
Ms. Shelley Geballe
Mrs. Rose Glockey
Mr. & Mrs. John Habiak
Dr. & Mrs. George W. Hartzell Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander W. Masetti
Ms. Rill Ann Miller
MMS Advancement Associates, LLC
 Mr. & Mrs. George Mowers
Atty. & Mrs. Anthony Muir
Mr. Hiram Munger
Mr. Robert Pearce
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Peiffer
Mr. & Mrs. Jan C. Phillips 
Ms. Judith A. Rittenhouse
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Schmidt, III
Atty. John Servis
Mr. & Mrs. George Shortess
Dr. & Mrs. C. Burke Swan
Mrs. Carolyn Volk
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur B. Weinrach
Mrs. Louise H. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Yeager
Under $100
Amazon Smile Foundation 
A Natural Alternative 
Ms. Kathleen B. Bielinski
Dr. Klaus D. Bowers
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Doyle
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Frederick
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gallagher
Ms. Kathryn Getchell
Dr. Alan J. Greenberger
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Jennings
Ms. Ferne Kushner
Dr. & Mrs. Lehrich
Mrs. Mary Jane Mahler
Mrs. Joy Marshall
Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. McClain
Mr. Thomas J. McDermott
Ms. Ruth S. Meislin
Mr. Mrs. Morton J. Miller
Dr. Shirley Nylund
Ms. Linda Rosenfeld
Ms. Selma Roth 
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Salinger
Ms. Kim Schaffer
Dr. & Mrs. Melvin H. Schwartz
Mr. Allen L. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Southworth
Mrs. Phyllis Stierstorfer
Ms. Olga Tcherviakova
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Vincent
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Walton
Mrs. Mary Anne Weiss
Mr. & Mrs. Allen E. Zinnes
Mr. Nicholas Franco
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CMS believes that all students should have the resources and support necessary to realize their full potential through music, regardless of their background or ability to pay. Even amid a challenging economy, CMS continues to be mission driven. We do not cap the amount of financial aid we distribute. Our goal is to not only create musicians, but also expose students to the life-long benefits of music study through performance and collaborative opportunities. The generosity of the following individuals, corporations, and foundations has allowed CMS to offer financial aid to all serious students of music.