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Current Fiscal Year July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018
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Bessie Graham Music Fund
 The Verna O. Canova Foundation
The Century Fund 
Julius & Katheryn Hommer Foundation 
$5,000 +
The Dexter F. & Dorothy H. Baker Foundation 
Community Partnership Grant
from the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Johnson 
Mr. & Mrs. Vance Powers
Ms. Eunice R. Schermerhorn 
Sylvia Perkin Perpetual Trust
$2,500 +
Raymond Cryder Donor-Advised Fund
of the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation
Ms. Linda Kay Gardner 
Ms. Joan Moran
Dr. & Mrs. James Warfel 
Mrs. Jack Warsaw
$1,000 +
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fenstermacher
Ms. Sandra Goldstein 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hahn
Dr. & Mrs. Howard E. Hudson 
Mr. George Kopchick & Dr. Karen Bretz 
Mr. James Lampe
Lehigh Valley Jewish Foundation 
Mrs. Roberta Marcus
Ms. Kathleen Matthews
Ms. Kayla E. Mjaatvedt
Ms. Julie Macomb, Esq.
Ms. Judith Roberts
Ms. Sharon Albert & Dr. Mark Stein
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Yeager
$500 +
Ms. Nancy Bleam & Mr. Rene Rodriguez 
Daniel-Holben Designated Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Eckhart
Ms. Stephany Heckman
Hispanic American Organization, Inc.
Dr. David Livert
Dr. & Mrs. J. Robert Lovett
Tom & Shari Noctor - Re/Max Unlimited Real Estate
Mr. & Mrs. David Richie
Mr. David Voellinger & Dr. Lona Farr
Dr. & Mrs. Philippe Zeltzman 
$100 +
Ms. Angela Almonte
Arbor Insurance Group Foundation Fund 
Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Auvil 
Mr. Klaus Bowers 
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
Mr. & Mrs. James Bartholomew
Ms. Carrie Basmadjian 
Ms. Carol Dorey & Mr. John Berseth
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Black
Mr. & Mrs. William Busteed
Mr. Michael Carr & Ms. Pat McPeake
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Chila
Ms. Susan Christine
Community Insurance Company
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Dex
Mr. William Diehl
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Dodd
Eisenhauer Nissan
Ms. Lisa Fifield
Ms. Shelley Geballe
Mrs. Rose Glockey
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Graver
Ms. Rebekah A. Graver
Mr. & Mrs. John Habiak
Dr. & Mrs. George W. Hartzell Jr.
Ms. Lisa Hopstock & Mr. Robert Kulp
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hopstock
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hourt
Ms. Liz Houser
 Mrs. Alice Kim
Mr. & Mrs. James Klunk
Mr. Van Macomb
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander W. Masetti
Ms. Kristine Meichtry
Ms. Rill Ann Miller
MMS Advancement Associates, LLC
 Mr. & Mrs. George Mowers
Atty. & Mrs. Anthony Muir
Ms. Vicky Mullen
Mr. Hiram Munger
Mr. Thomas Murray & Ms. Cathy Coyne
Mr. Robert Nagle
Ms. Pat Nochton
Mr. Robert Pearce
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Peiffer
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Perusse
Mr. & Mrs. Jan C. Phillips 
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Reyes
Ms. Judith A. Rittenhouse
Dr. Holly Roadfeldt
Ms. Judy Ruth
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Saxton
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Schmidt, III
Atty. John Servis
Mr. & Mrs. George Shortess
Mr. John Sullivan
Dr. & Mrs. C. Burke Swan
Mr. & Dr. Ryuichi Takahashi
Ms. Patrice Tritt
Mrs. Carolyn Volk
Ms. Carol Warfel
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur B. Weinrach
Ms. Jane L. Wessner
Working Dog Press
Mrs. Louise H. Wright
Dr. & Mrs. Eric Young
Under $100

Amazon Smile Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Phillips Armstrong
Ms. Connie Bateman
Dr. Peter Behrens
Ms. Kathleen B. Bielinski
Dr. Klaus D. Bowers
Ms. Julia Brooks
Mr. Scott Cressman
Mr. Ian Cunningham
Mr. Felix D'Souza
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Doyle
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Frederick
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gallagher
Ms. Kathy Getchell
Dr. Alan J. Greenberger
Mr. Michael Greenfield
Ms. Margaret Gregory
Mr. & Mrs. Espre Hanna
Mr. Geoff Harrington
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hayes
Mr. Barry J. Holben
Ms. Carole Houghton
Ms. Mary Lou Hull
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Jennings
Mr. Kirk O'Riordan
Ms. LauraKramer
Rev. John Eric Lamb
Dr. & Mrs. Lehrich
Mrs. Mary Jane Mahler
Mrs. Joy Marshall
Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. McClain
Mr. Thomas J. McDermott
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis McDowell
Ms. Ruth S. Meislin
Ms. Barbara Merdinger
Mr. Mrs. Morton J. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. James Moore
Ms. Angela Mosley
Dr. Shirley Nylund
Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Payne, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Polanco
Ms. Kathy Purcell
RCN Lehigh Valley
Ms. Jo Ellen Rooney
Ms. Linda Rosenfeld
Ms. Selma Roth
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Salinger
Ms. Sandra Sander
Ms. Sandra Simon
Ms. Kim Schaffer
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Schick
Dr. & Mrs. Melvin H. Schwartz
Mr. Allen L. Smith
Ms. Tammy Snover
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Southworth
Mrs. Phyllis Stierstorfer
Ms. Sue Straeter
Ms. Grace Sutherland
Ms. Olga Tcherviakova
Ms. Alain Versmee
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Vincent
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Walton
Mrs. Mary Anne Weiss
Ms. Sue Whitaker
Mr. Marvin White
Yocco's Inc.
Ms. Marianne Zerfass
Mr. & Mrs. Allen E. Zinnes

29 Cooks
Dr. Stacey Jones/Arbonne International
ESSA Bank & Trust
Mr. Nicholas Franco
Freefall Trampoline Park
Ms. Rosemary Geseck
Giant Food Stores
GoggleWorks Center for the Arts
Green Pond Country Club
Henry's Salt of the Sea
Hotel Bethlehem
Imagi Nation, LLC
j. morgan salon and home
Josh Early Candies
Karen Hunter Catering
Ms. Kathy Long
Keystone Pub
knitter's edge
Lehigh Valley Home & Garden Center
Lehigh Valley Press/Times News
Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays
Longwood Gardens
MCS Industries, Inc.
Miller Supply ACE Hardware
Muhlenberg Theatre & Dance
Music Therapy Associates
Nacci Printing, Inc.
Out of Our Minds Art Studio
Ozzy's Family Fun Center
Paint & Party Studios
Paint on Main
Painting With A Twist
Pennsylvania Playhouse
Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
Pennsylvania Sinfonia Orchestra
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Philadelphia Orchestra
Phillies Organization
Pines Dinner Theatre
Pure Health & Wellness Center
R/C Reading Movies 11 & IMAX Theatre
Reading Phillies
Redners Markets, Inc.
Mr. Jeff Reed & The Rev. Beth Reed
Repertory Dance Theatre
Rodale Aquatic Center
Ms. Edith Roeder
Roey's Paintbox
Ms. Ann Elizabeth Schlegel
Shawnee Playhouse
Steel Ice Center
Susan Bella Jewelry
The Morning Call
The Wescoe School of Muhlenberg College
Two Rivers Roller Derby
Union & Finch
Unique Pretzel Bakery, Inc.
West End Yoga
Zenblossoms by Kat
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CMS believes that all students should have the resources and support necessary to realize their full potential through music, regardless of their background or ability to pay. Even amid a challenging economy, CMS continues to be mission driven. We do not cap the amount of financial aid we distribute. Our goal is to not only create musicians, but also expose students to the life-long benefits of music study through performance and collaborative opportunities. The generosity of the following individuals, corporations, and foundations has allowed CMS to offer financial aid to all serious students of music.