Gala Auditions & Recital 
Each spring, CMS teachers recommend a limited number of high-performing students for an audition before an independent panel of judges, who evaluate their musical performance using predetermined criteria. Students with the highest scores are invited to perform in the year-end GALA recital and may receive merit-based scholarships toward continued study at CMS.


Congratulations to our 2016
Gala Recital Performers & Scholarship Recipients! 
Isaiah Albert-Stein, piano
   CMS Ovations Scholarship
Aidan Arakkal, piano
   CMS Rising Star Scholarship
Madison Betancourt, piano

Carolyn Boulay, voice/soprano
   Graduating High School Senior
Jacob Brown, saxophone
   Jerome & Martha Markowitz Scholarship

Jeremy Budihardjo, piano
 CMS Rising Star Scholarship 
Shriya Chitta, violin

Nicholas Golovanov, clarinet
Julianna Hahn, piano 
Talitha Harry, piano
   CMS Ovations Scholarship
Valmiki Kothare, piano
   Joseph Maletz Scholarship

Prathysha Kothare, piano

Nandini Kulkarni, piano

Nathania Lopez, violin
Abigail Manwiller, voice/soprano
   Graduating High School Senior 
Liam Murray, piano
   CMS Great Expectations Scholarship

Sanaiya O'Neal, piano

Nicole Powers, voice/mezzo-soprano
   CMS Rising Star Scholarship
Nicholas Rode, saxophone
   Muriel I. Frank Scholarship
Julie Sizer, piano
   CMS Rising Star Scholarship
Michael Smith, piano

Megumi Takahashi, flute

Hanae Takahashi, violin

Isabel Torres-Hernandez, piano
   CMS Rising Star Scholarship

Mualla Ulas, piano
   CMS Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship

Chloe Wilcox, violin
   Schadt String Scholarship

Stephen Wroge, violin
   Schadt String Scholarship

Julia Young, piano & trumpet
   CMS Rising Star Scholarship
   Jerome & Martha Markowitz Scholarship
Thank you to our 2016 Gala Judges: Barry Holben, VP Sales at Allen Organ Company; Nathan Eckhart, CFO, Martin Guitar; and Catherine DeBoeser, member of the Allentown Symphony Orchestra.

Congratulations to our high school senior Gala performers, Carolyn Boulay and Abigail Manwiller, who are both continuing their music studies at college in the fall - Carolyn at New York University, and Abigail at DeSales University.

The family of former CMS Director, George R. Schermerhorn continues to support development of our faculty. This year's Schermerhorn Family Fund Award was presented to piano teacher, Dr. Holly Roadfeldt. She will create a Certificate of Musical Achievement Pilot Program to provide participating students additional motivation and a sense of accomplishment in their music studies. The pilot will focus on piano, with plans to communicate with other CMS teachers to expand to other instrumental areas in the future (strings, brass, winds, and voice).