Gala Auditions & Recital 
Each spring, CMS teachers recommend a limited number of high-performing students for an audition before an independent panel of judges, who evaluate their musical performance using predetermined criteria. Students with the highest scores are invited to perform in the year-end GALA recital and may receive merit-based scholarships toward continued study at CMS.
2018-19 Gala Audition Application in English
 Congratulations to our 2018 Gala Performers! 
Merit-based scholarship awards were presented to the highest-scoring students for outstanding work during the 2017-18 school year:
Schadt String Scholarship - Chloe Wilcox, violin
Schadt String Scholarship - Shriya Chitta, violin
Jerome & Martha Markowitz Scholarship - Megumi Takahashi, flute
Muriel I. Frank Scholarship - Madison Betancourt, piano
Joseph Maletz Scholarship - Julia Young, piano
Great Expectations Scholarship - Fyodor D’Souza, guitar
Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship - Damien Zeltzman, piano
Rising Star Scholarship - Sabrina Collings, flute
Rising Star Scholarship - Julie Sizer, piano
Rising Star Scholarship - Daisha Zhang, piano
Rising Star Scholarship - Grace Zhang, piano
Certificate of Recognition - Silver Winds Flute Choir
CMS Certificate of Recognition Graduating High School Seniors
Josh Kim, alto saxophone
Stephen Wroge, violin 
George R. Schermerhorn Family Fund Award
These outstanding students performed in our Gala Recital on Sunday, June 10, 2018 in the Rodale Room, Miller Symphony Hall.
Isaiah Albert-Stein, piano
Warren Arndt, clarinet
Madison Betancourt, piano
Nicholas Brogle, clarinet
Ashley Chila, piano
Shriya Chitta, violin
Sabrina Collings, flute
Fyodor D'Souza, guitar
Rachele Grigoli violin
Julianna Hahn, piano
Talitha Harry, piano
Melody Herrera, piano
Josh Kim, saxophone
Nandini Kulkarni, piano
Nicole Masucci, flute
Julie Sizer, piano
Michael Smith, piano
Daphne Snover, flute
Niva Sullivan, piano
Megumi Takahashi, flute
Chloe Wilcox, violin
Stephen Wroge, violin
Julia Young, piano
Damien Zeltzman, piano
Anderson Zhang, violin
Daisha Zhang, piano
Grace Zhang, piano
Thank you to our 2018 Gala Judges: Barry Holben, VP Sales at Allen Organ Company; Jennifer Rarick, Allentown School District music educator; and Jennifer Mann, Nazareth Area School District music educator.  
Congratulations to our 2017 Gala Scholarship Recipients 
Schadt String Scholarship . . . Stephen Wroge
Muriel I. Frank Scholarship . . . Nicole Masucci
Jerome & Martha Markowitz Scholarship . . . Daphne Snover
Schadt String Scholarship . . . Chloe Wilcox
Joseph Maletz Scholarship . . . Valmiki Kothare
Great Expectations Scholarship . . . Madison Betancourt
Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship . . . Julia Young
Rising Star Scholarship . . . Prathysha Kothare
Rising Star Scholarship . . . Liam Murray
Ovations Scholarship . . . Sabrina Collings
Ovations Scholarship . . . Rachele Grigoli
Ovations Scholarship . . . Josh Kim
Ovations Scholarship . . . Isabella Munoz
Silver Winds Flute Choir . . . Special Recognition
Schermerhorn Family Fund Award . . . Dr. Holly Roadfeldt